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Step 1: Advisement
Get advised!  If you haven't seen your Academic Advisor, contact them for assistance.  Advising holds must be cleared before you can register for any courses.  To find your advisor, click here:

Step 2: Introduction Quiz
Before being allowed to register, you must complete the eCore Introduction Quiz.

After successfully completing the quiz, you will receive an email notification outlining registration information. You should receive this notification within 48 hours of quiz completion.

Step 3: Register
Please Note: You will not immediately be able to register for an eCore course. You will not be able to register until after completing the eCore Introduction Quiz and receive an e-mail notification giving you permission to register from your advisor.

You may register for an eCore class through CougarNet once you have received notification of completing the orientation quiz. eCore adds sections based on demand. You may receive a "closed section" message, but should try to register for the class again after waiting a few minutes. Important: eCore does not necessarily follow the same academic calendar as CSU. The start date, end date, and withdrawal deadlines may differ.

Step 4: Welcome Letter
The eCore welcome and registration letter contains login instructions and information on purchasing your textbook. Watch for this letter which will be e-mailed to your CSU e-mail address about 2 weeks before classes start. This letter contains information on how to login, how to purchase textbooks, how to get help, and other important course information. It is important for you to try your login information before classes start, and that you make arrangements to have your course materials available before classes start.

Step 5: First Day of Classes
It is very important that you log into your eCore courses on the first day of class and make contact with your instructor.